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APIRates[ ↑ ]
Displays the current API ratings.

ASCIIArtC[ ↑ ]
Creates an ASCIIArt from a QRcode or barcode.

ASCIIArtI[ ↑ ]
Creates an ASCIIArt from an image.

ASCIIArtT[ ↑ ]
Creates an ASCIIArt from a text.

BICValidator[ ↑ ]
Validates (the format of a) Business Identifier Code (BIC).

BarCode[ ↑ ]
A modern and flexible barcode generator with many functions.

CSSDiag[ ↑ ]
A collection of CSS rules for checking HTML elements.

CSSNormalize[ ↑ ]
A collection of CSS rules used to normalize the browser default formatting of HTML elements.

CSSReset[ ↑ ]
A collection of CSS rules used to clear the browser default formatting of HTML elements.

Checksum[ ↑ ]
Calculates the specified checksum of given data.

ClientHN[ ↑ ]
Displays the currently used hostname.

ClientIP[ ↑ ]
Displays the currently used IP address.

ClientInfo[ ↑ ]
Displays the current client information.

Cryptor[ ↑ ]
Encrypts or decrypts any data with strong encryption.

DataConvert[ ↑ ]
Converts any character string into any other desired format.

DataToImage[ ↑ ]
Converts data into an image whose pixels represent the corresponding bytes of data.

DateTime[ ↑ ]
Displays a specific date in a specified format.

Daypercent[ ↑ ]
Displays the elapsed time of the day in percent.

Discard[ ↑ ]
A simple discard service that is intended for testing and measurement purposes.

Echo[ ↑ ]
A simple echo service that is intended for testing and measurement purposes.

FreeMusic[ ↑ ]
A directory of freely available music and web-based audio player.

FreeMusicCover[ ↑ ]
Displays the cover images of the albums from the Free Music directory with different options.

GITter[ ↑ ]
Displays a list of available GIT repositories.

Converts an HTML document into a PDF document.

Converts an HTML document into a TXT document.

HTMLHeaders[ ↑ ]
Displays all existing HTML headers of a remote HTML document.

HTTP2Test[ ↑ ]
Tests a server for HTTP2 support.

HTTPHeaders[ ↑ ]
Displays all existing HTTP headers of an URL.

HTTPProxy[ ↑ ]
A simple HTTP (web) proxy.

IBANValidator[ ↑ ]
Validates an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

IPInfo[ ↑ ]
Displays detailed information about a specified IP address (or hostname).

JSArrayExportCSV[ ↑ ]
A very simple array to CSV - export/download script based on JavaScript.

JSCodeValidator[ ↑ ]
A very simple code validator based on JavaScript.

JSFullScreen[ ↑ ]
A very simple element-fullscreen script based on JavaScript.

Converts JSON data into XML data.

JSONValidator[ ↑ ]
Validates JSON data.

LineEndings[ ↑ ]
Changes the line endings to a desired format.

Mega[ ↑ ]
A pictorial representation of a very impressive state of mind.

NoisePix[ ↑ ]
Generates an image with image noise.

Ping[ ↑ ]
Tests the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

PortScan[ ↑ ]
Checks which services a system working with TCP or UDP offers over the internet protocol.

QRCode[ ↑ ]
A modern and flexible QR code generator with many functions.

Randomizer[ ↑ ]
Generates random alphanumeric strings based on specified patterns.

RemoteFileDLS[ ↑ ]
Displays the current download speed of a remote file.

RemoteFileInfo[ ↑ ]
Displays extended information about a remote file.

RemoteFileSource[ ↑ ]
Displays the plain text/source code of a remote file.

RemoteFileURLs[ ↑ ]
Displays all existing URLs of a remote file as a sorted list.

RemoteFileWords[ ↑ ]
Displays all existing words of a remote file as a sorted list.

ServiceInfo[ ↑ ]
Displays either the internet service that matches a port or the port number that matches an internet service.

TTFonts[ ↑ ]
A set of various free true-type fonts.

Test[ ↑ ]
A simple test tool.

TextToImage[ ↑ ]
A text to image generator.

TextToImageSimple[ ↑ ]
A simple text to image generator.

TinyMusicPlayer[ ↑ ]
Implements functionality to create one (or more) web-based audio player(s) via JavaScript and HTML5 audio object.

VATValidator[ ↑ ]
Validates (the format of a) Value-Added Tax Identification Number (VATID/VATIN).

VCard[ ↑ ]
A very simple vCard generator.

WhatAmI[ ↑ ]
Displays the current user agent.

WhereAmI[ ↑ ]
Displays the current information about the location.

WhoAmI[ ↑ ]
Displays the currently used IP address and hostname.

Converts XML data into JSON data.

XMLValidator[ ↑ ]
Validates XML data.